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A simple list of Ruby conferences
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Ruby Conferences is a simple list of Ruby conferences, published collaboratively with the Ruby community. Filtered event news is available in the feed and @rubyconferences.

Eligible Conferences

Focus is a goal of this project and as a result, only conferences that are specifically for Ruby are listed. That means that if a conference covers Ruby, but is not specifically for Rubyists, then it is left out.

A good rule of thumb for whether a conference should be included is if its name includes either Ruby or Rails and how it describes itself. A conference that describes itself as a "Conference on Web Development" might be an awesome event, but it's probably not a Ruby conference.

Filtered Event News

In an effort to keep the news focused, only the following items are covered:

  • Dates announced
  • Call for Proposal life cycle
  • Registration life cycle
  • Conference videos posted

A brand new event would also be covered by a news item.

Life Cycle News

Both an event's call for proposals and registration are life cycle news - they have an announcement and a deadline. This type of news is covered by the following items:

  • An announcement
  • A reminder a week before the deadline
  • A reminder the day before the deadline


The list of events is driven by the two files in the data folder - if you have an update for those things, just change the JSON and send a PR.

If you have news, please follow the conventions you see in the source/news/posts folder including filename and title. No biggie if you're not sure - this can be tweaked easily enough.


The content of the source/news/posts folder is copyrighted by Jon Allured. The design of the site is copyrighted by Cameron Daigle. Please don't swipe our stuff because that's mean.

All other original work uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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