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OpenGL object wrappers and examples

At this point, this is linux code. To compile, cd to the project directory and run make. Then, try the four demos (demo[1234], note that the source files demo[1234].cpp are heavily commented) using one of the input files in the models directory as the command line argument. All demos have to be run from the project directory containing the source code. Click the right mouse button to get the popup menu for the demos and explore the options.

A demo of the depth peeling algorithm for transparent surface rendering is provided (depthpeel). Run with one of the models as the command line argument. Initial image is obtained using the naive transparency. Use the menu to switch to depth peeling. There is also an option to view individual layers (see the terminal output for keyboard controls).

teapot is a demo that renders the Utah teapot using hardware tesselation. The tesselation level is controlled manually from the popup menu. Rendering modes that highlight patches and triangles are provided.