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Yii cookie-based WebUser component
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CookieWebUser Yii Component

CookieWebUser is a Yii component that using cookie only store for user auth info. It doesn't use server-side store (memcache, $_SESSION etc). This component can be used in highload projects.


Yii Framework 1.x or above.


  • Add CookieWebUser.php to protected/components.
  • Add this code to 'user' component section in protected/config/main.php:
'components' => array(
    'user' => array(
        'class' => 'CookieWebUser',
        'secretKey' => 'secret key',
        'cookieName' => 'cookie name',
        'cookieDomain' => 'cookie domain',

WARNING!!! Persistent states and flash messages not implemented yet.


CookieWebUser is licensed under New BSD license. That allows proprietary use, and for the software released under the license to be incorporated into proprietary products. Works based on the material may be released under a proprietary license or as closed source software. It is possible for something to be distributed with the BSD License and some other license to apply as well.


  • Initial code and ideas: Sergey Andryeyev, @andser.
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