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Using a dedicated "Conversation" API (if it is supported by a Social network) could allow us to download to AndStatus and show to a User more messages of a conversation than we can now.
Currently we discover a conversation tree, retrieving related messages one-by-one using "in reply to" field of a message.

  1. GNU Social has conversation API: https://server.tld/api/statusnet/conversation/(Conversation-id).json
    The conversation id is sent in every regular post.
    E.g. conversation on this topic:
  2. Twitter, apparently, has no such API available to public (private URL, available for Twitter's own app only, is ). See this long discussion:
  3. has all replies ("Comments") embedded in the main "Note", when we request that note only. Plus it has a separate API for "replies", which can be used to find replies of replies recursively (see #276 ).
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yvolk commented Apr 17, 2016

I just noticed that we already had the same ticket created by @annando #270
Quoting @annando below:

Friendica and Statusnet support commands for fetching all posts of a thread. Friendica and Statusnet are using different commands for that.

For Friendica it is "conversation/show". For parameters see the documentation:

This command is used in Twitter as well - but can only be used with the application keys for the original Twitter app.

Statusnet has a slightly different approach. The API call is "statusnet/conversation/" (where "4711" is the conversation id). The extension ".as" is important.

Using these commands would speed up the showing of threads very much.

annando commented Apr 17, 2016

Friendica now supports the GNU Social command as well. So supporting "statusnet/conversation/" would help a lot.

@yvolk yvolk added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 15, 2016
@yvolk yvolk #328 fixed conversation loading. Fixed commands comparison (very old …
…bug, as I see...)
yvolk commented Dec 17, 2016

Implemented in v.31.01. Now in the Open beta testing

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