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  1. This is a major change of AndStatus, which is available for Android 7.0+ devices only and which may require quite a long database upgrade on the first run after the upgrade.
  2. The whole internal data model of the application has changed from working with "messages" to working with "activities", allowing to present social networks in a richer way and to solve many old problems. E.g. after reblogging of a message the message doesn't "jump" to the top of a timeline, as before: now you see a new "Reblog action" for this message at the top the timeline. #172
    The same for Like/Favorite and Follow/"Stop following" actions.
    Usage of this feature to its full potential requires its support in a Social network. As of now only fully supports activities; Mastodon sends activities in its "Notifications" timeline only.
    For legacy server timelines that contain messages only, AndStatus also presents Reblogs as activities, because a "Reblog" is an action even in "Twitter-like" implementations. "Messages" from legacy timelines are interpreted as Update actions of these messages.
    Please note that an Actor on separate line also has a separate context menu, related to him.
  3. Direct messages and timelines renamed to Private with corresponding changes in their content.
  4. "Notifications" timeline added, which shows activities that are configured to be notified about in AndStatus Settings -> Notifications. You can be notified about: Followers, Favorites, Mentions, Reblogs, unset messages in the Outbox and about Private messages.
    Notifications, shown in Android Notification area and in the AndStatus Widget, are not forgotten anymore. These notifications are persisted even after device reboot. Notifications are reset when a User opens correspondent timeline e.g. by clicking on the Notification or a Widget. #367 and #398
    In addition to a number of new events (activities/messages), notifications now show an Account (in a case a notification is for one account only) and time, when the last event occurred. #158
  5. For Twitter messages character limit increased up to 280 characters. #475
  6. Dropped support for older Android devices. Minimal supported Android version is 7.0 now. This change allows application developers to start using modern Java 8 language enhancements, including functional programming.
  7. Fixed (at least partially) a problem, related to Doze mode on some devices, when automatic background syncing doesn't occur for a long time. Despite Android specifications, I noticed that e.g. my new Lenovo tablet doesn't wake up for a "maintenance window" and Android system initiated background syncing could never occur. So additional timer introduced to check for missed sync events and initiate syncing if necessary. #295
  8. Fixed optional Reply, Reblog and Like action buttons, located under messages. #472
  9. Fixed conversation loading for some servers. Now messages are shown in a Conversation View even in a case a (buggy) server doesn't show relations of these messages to each other. I.e. even if a message is not a reply to any other message in the thread.
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