Building AndStatus from Source code on your Android device using AIDE application

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"AIDE" is a free Android application (which has paid additions not covered here...). It allows you to build AndStatus from its publicly available Source code directly on your Android device (and maybe even to play with a code a bit...).

The below instruction will allow you to test not released yet features and learn how AndStatus works.

Note: As of January 2018, AIDE doesn't support Java 8 syntax that is used since AndStatus v.36. So the last version that currently can be built using AIDE, is AndStatus v.35.06, see

Tip before you started

Building an Android application yourself supposes signing the newly built application package ( .apk file) with your own "keys". If you already have AndStatus installed on your device, it is signed with some other keys, so Android system will not allow you upgrading that old version with this new package. In order to preserve your AndStatus accounts and cached data please follow this procedure:

  1. Backup #AndStatus using its own Settings->Storage->Backup feature.
  2. Uninstall old version signed with other keys.
  3. Install your own build (e.g. following the below "AIDE" instruction)
  4. Restore backup from inside AndStatus ("Restore" button is on a first screen...).
There is one catch here though: AndStatus cannot restore from previous "Database version", i.e. it cannot properly upgrade backup during restore. So you should install and launch the same AndStatus version first. And restore a Backup with it. And only after this install current AndStatus version. This time upgrade will succeed and you will have all messages and accounts restored. As a tip for AIDE, which has very limited GIT features: switch to "flattr-like-icons" first and install from that branch. Then switch back to master, checkout and build its latest commit.

How to build and run AndStatus

The whole process is very simple and takes several minutes:

  1. Install AIDE to your Android device from
  2. Open AIDE, choose option "Code for Experts"
  3. Open Files
  4. Select "Git..." in the list of "files"
  5. Clone #AndStatus code from this URL:
  6. Go inside a folder with the cloned repository, then go into "app" folder inside it.
  7. Open the cloned project using "Open this Android App Project" line, which appears in the list of "files"
  8. Run it pressing "Play" button. At this step AndStatus is actually being built and installed on your device.
Please see the screen recorded video here : (Thanks to @vinzv for preparing it). See discussion on this here:

If you are getting compilation errors, please read this discussion:

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