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Instructions for AndStatus project developers

Table of Contents

Contribute to the AndStatus Project

Did you think about coding your own features for AndStatus and wanted to know how to start?

With a few easy steps you can start developing AndStatus features:

1. Install IDE of choice on your development device

On PC: Using Android Studio

Develop and test not yet released features on Your Android device!

2. (Optionally) Configure your copy of the AntStatus project for OAuth in Twitter

2.1. Register your "AndStatus-yoursuffix" application

Please see the screenshot below for the settings of your application:

Screenshot of the sample AndStatus-yvolk Twitter application

2.2. Insert your application's private keys to the project:

See "" file for more information.

Testing and Debugging

  1. Set the logging level of the whole application to VERBOSE using the "Minimum logging level" option in the "Preferences". More on logging is here.
  2. Use and enhance a suite of automated tests to help you debug your code and understand how the System works. The tests in this suite not only do Unit testing of components, but they also create AndStatus accounts locally, add messages to the database, open activities and press buttons on them. And of course, they check results. As a result, the Test suite is almost Integration test of all local components. Only connection to remote servers is not tested automatically. Test suite has its own Android project, located under "tests" directory.
  3. Check and fix your code using modern tools of static code analysis. AndStatus has a configuration section for launching SonarQube
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