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1. Most of Users' questions are already answered in corresponding "Issues" topics, specially labeled as "Questions&Answers". See and search among them: Questions and answers.

2. If you are searching for solutions to your problems, you will need to search in the whole "Issues" section both between open and closed issues. Start from here and add your search words to the search text box: All issues.

3. You may feel that you need some additional features in AndStatus and you don't know if something like this is already implemented. Search through the Change Log to find such features with links to their discussions and explanations: AndStatus Changelog.

4. If you are a Developer, please start from the Developerfaq.

5. If you want to resize an image automatically on attaching it to a composed message, see how to do this #324.

For the FAQ discussion please go to Update Wiki with a User FAQ.

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