A quick and dirty GUI library for Defold.
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A quick and dirty GUI library for Defold.


  1. Add latest zip URL as a dependency in your Defold project: https://github.com/andsve/dirtylarry/archive/master.zip

  2. Add one of the supplied GUI template files, located in dirtylarry/*.gui, to your GUI scene.

  3. In your GUI script, add local dirtylarry = require "dirtylarry/dirtylarry" to the top and make sure the script has acquired input focus.

  4. Then add the corresponding function inside your on_input:

    • dirtylarry/input.gui:
    dirtylarry:input("node_id", action_id, action, gui.KEYBOARD_TYPE_DEFAULT, "Default text")
    • dirtylarry/button.gui:
    dirtylarry:button("node_id", action_id, action, function ()
        print("button was pressed")
    • dirtylarry/checkbox*.gui:
    self.checkbox_value = dirtylarry:checkbox("node_id", action_id, action, self.checkbox_value)
    • dirtylarry/radio*.gui:
    self.radio_value = dirtylarry:radio("node_a_id", action_id, action, "a", self.radio_value)
    self.radio_value = dirtylarry:radio("node_b_id", action_id, action, "b", self.radio_value)
  5. In the input/game.input_binding, add the following triggers:

    • Key Triggers: Input: key-backspace, Action: backspace
    • Mouse Triggers: Input: mouse-button-1, Action: touch
    • Text Triggers: Input: text, Action: text
    • Text Triggers: Input: marked-text, Action: marked_text

For more usage examples take a look at main/examples.gui_script and dirtylarry/dirtylarry.lua for configurational options.


  • Using the built in font: Example project with Defold default font
  • Using Input font: Example project with Input font