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lurch - Modular Lua IRC bot

This is an experiment in Lua to create a IRC bot with modular support via git repos.

Requires Lua, LuaSockets and Git


Run from inside the git repo: lua bot.lua <serverhost> <serverport>

Once the bot has connected it will automatically join the #lurchbot channel.


Configuration is done via an external script file called settings.lua. You can either create this on your own using the following syntax, or let the bot create it from the running configuration via the :saveconf command. Likewise can you reload the config with the :loadconf command.

modules = {define = "git://"  -- a table of modules that can be loaded
          }                                             -- formated like this: {modulename = git-repo-url}
altnicks = {"lurch",                                    -- alternative nicknames
triggerprefix = ":"                                     -- prefix to use in the begining of triggers
channels = {"lurchbot"                                  -- channels to autojoin
nickname = "lb"                                         -- default nickname of bot

Standard commands and triggers

Core commands (can only be executed by trusted users)

  • :echo <text> -- Makes the bot say text.

  • :quit -- Disconnects the bot.

  • :reload -- Reload bot, ie. pull latest git repo and reload core.lua.

  • :saveconf -- Saves current configuration to settings.lua.

  • :loadconf -- Loads previously saved configuration from settings.lua.

  • :clearqueue -- Clear message queue.

  • :loadmod <modulename> [moduleurl] -- Load a module; Clone git repo from moduleurl into modules/modulename/. If moduleurl is omitted, it will will use the previously stored git repo url.

  • :unloadmod <modulename> -- Unloads the module.

  • :join <channel> -- Makes the bot join the channel.

  • :nick <newnick> -- Makes the bot try to change nickname to newnick.

  • :exec <code> -- Executes the Lua code.

Public commands (can be executed by any user)

  • :help -- Shows all available public commands.

  • :git -- Shows information of the bots git repo.

It's easy to add new triggers, just have a look inside triggers.lua and it should be self explanatory.

Module support

Lurch can load modules via git. The best way to understand how they work is to look at one of the samples below:

  • define -- Adds a :define trigger via the modules system. The trigger will send a search request to google and parse out the first best definition of the word supplied.
    To load it: :loadmod define git://

  • translate -- Uses Google Translate to translate a string from one language to another (:tr <lang1> <lang2> <string to translate>).
    List of languages:
    To load it: :loadmod title git://

  • title -- Tracks the last url to be said, and looks up the the page title on request (:title).
    To load it: :loadmod title git://


IRC bot written in Lua (using LuaSockets) that uses git repos for modular support.






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