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Welcome to "Chat App"

Looking to chat with communities? Deployed Link

Look no further! With Chat App, you can join channels or create your own! Implemented with Web Sockets, you'll get update notifications in real time!

Log in with "guest" to view the app or make your own username!

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Features and Technology Stack

App features: Sign up with just a user name (no pesky passwords), send messages, create channels

Front-end: React, Redux, Webpack, CSS Grid, Semantic UI, Socket.io Back-end: Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL

Running App Locally

  1. Clone my repository git clone https://github.com/andventuree/ChatApp.git
  2. npm install dependencies
  3. Have PostgreSQL running
  4. Now you'll need to create a db in PostgreSQL so run createdb chatapp
  5. With this, you should be all set. npm run start
  6. Visit http://localhost:8000/ in preferred web browser


Preview - full app