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STUDYしましょう Edition

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 20 36 06

Today's date has a lot of 2s in it.


  • New languages: Chinese Simplified, Korean
  • Rewrite CJK text renderer to use 12x16 font and 3 rows in the message window
  • Fix latin languages displaying the wrong glyphs for non-ascii chars
  • Flatten message window border to hide plane overlap
  • Fixes to various graphical glitches in HUD / menus
  • Fix most (but not all?) graphical glitches on certain consoles caused by Z80 bus bug
  • Some optimizations to array lookups in object/tileset code
  • The issues tab went from 49 to 22 and I don't feel like digging out the numbers

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Mucho Linguas Edition


I tried using the SSF mapper to get everything on one ROM but it turns out nobody implements it in a consistent manner, so here's 8 ROMs instead. Each has been booted to make sure they start and display text properly, but I didn't play through the whole game 8 times.


  • New languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese (PT and BR)
  • Occasionally, when the music stopped it would play really fast for a second. This should no longer happen
  • Restore 8 pixel border so the camera doesn't bounce around on single screen maps
  • CS+ Speed setting
  • Fix some of the credits bugginess and missing things (but more to go)
  • Water drops in First Cave
  • You can stand on presses again
  • Labyrinth blocks don't go too far into the walls anymore
  • The trees are in front of the island in the ending cutscene
  • Fix #256 #276 #320 #321 #324 #325 #326 #327

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Stuck at Home Edition


What's New?

  • All music tracks completed
  • The music won't slow down when the game does anymore
  • No more OOM when loading a level, for real this time
  • Nicer effects for polar star, fireball, snake, and bubbler
  • A whole lot of other stuff fixed

What's Next?

  • Bugfixing and polish mostly

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v0.5.2 Pre-release


There were a few bugfixes and the Nemesis should be more accurate now. I forgot what exactly was changed though, whoops.

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This Pre-release

Gold Edition


Video of the day

(...if you're bad, hold mode)


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v0.5.1 Pre-release

Fix 0.5.1a: Core water was too high #241

Getting Crushed Edition


New stuff:

  • Tried to reduce slowdown to some success
  • Snake and Spur work but don't have proper graphics yet
  • Counter
  • Intro
  • Moving smoke
  • Fixed a bunch of stuff I don't really remember

Known Issues:

  • Yes

What's next:

  • I need a break
  • Weapon effects like fireball trails, boom flashes, polar star dissipation
  • Try to fix the rest of the lag

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v0.5.0 Pre-release

0.5.0a fix: Camera was locking to the ceiling on Ballos second form.
0.5.0b fix: Cursor was missing in config menu.

Extremely overdue edition

another ending

After taking month long breaks and working on several things that aren't Hell, here we are.

A lot of new stuff:

  • Hell and Ballos fight are beatable
  • Multiple saves
  • A config menu for remapping controls and toggling some other settings
  • Combined ROM handles both NTSC and PAL
  • 日本語台詞
  • Nemesis is usable
  • The wind/current tiles actually animate instead of just being arrows now

Known (notable) issues:

  • The "Running Hell" and "The Way Back Home" tracks have too high a pitch on one channel when looping. I believe this is an XGM issue.
  • There are a decent number of things missing from Hell, for example Curly doesn't shoot her Nemesis, and Ballos doesn't summon Red Butes. The ending scene is also uhh..
  • Misery and Sue are still acting weird in that Undead Core fight.
  • The SRAM format in the config menu doesn't do anything.

Planned for 0.6.0:

  • Toroko & King's themes
  • Texture compression so I can fit Toroko & King's themes
  • Nikumaru Counter
  • Spur and Snake hopefully

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v0.4.0 Pre-release

Beat the game edition


Going on 2 week vacation in a couple days so better to put this up now.

New Stuff:

  • You can reach the normal ending and watch a buggy credits sequence
  • Bubbler and Blade are in, Nemesis sort of works maybe
  • Boss health bar
  • Press X to open the map quickly
  • Lots of little fixes everywhere

Plans for 0.5.0:

  • Hell
  • Spur, Snake, and Whimsical Star
  • Options menu that includes remappable controls

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v0.3.3 Pre-release

Nobody saw that edition


Dropping this here because of some critical issues in v0.3.2. Only other notable change is more backgrounds are fixed to not look like vomit.

Video of the day. It's the Undead Core


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v0.3.2 Pre-release

Second anniversary edition. I don't know the actual day I started I just know it was a February.


New stuff:

  • Level Select: No more running a wonky command line utility to convert saves, they're built in now.
  • Experimental PAL support: The windows/menu are a tad too high, the rest should be ok.
  • Ma Pignon has a sprite and is defeatable (a couple things missing from the fight still), so now the hidden Last Cave is reachable without cheating.
  • Balcony is still largely unfinished, but the background is looking 👌
  • A lot of little things

Stuff I would like to get done before 0.4.0:

  • Revisit the Core fight, mostly to fix the projectiles
  • Actually make the Undead Core beatable, and make the ending scenes work
  • Bubbler and Blade

Video of the day