@andwn andwn released this Apr 1, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Gold Edition


Video of the day

(...if you're bad, hold mode)


@andwn andwn released this Mar 11, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Fix 0.5.1a: Core water was too high #241

Getting Crushed Edition


New stuff:

  • Tried to reduce slowdown to some success
  • Snake and Spur work but don't have proper graphics yet
  • Counter
  • Intro
  • Moving smoke
  • Fixed a bunch of stuff I don't really remember

Known Issues:

  • Yes

What's next:

  • I need a break
  • Weapon effects like fireball trails, boom flashes, polar star dissipation
  • Try to fix the rest of the lag

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@andwn andwn released this Feb 19, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

0.5.0a fix: Camera was locking to the ceiling on Ballos second form.
0.5.0b fix: Cursor was missing in config menu.

Extremely overdue edition

another ending

After taking month long breaks and working on several things that aren't Hell, here we are.

A lot of new stuff:

  • Hell and Ballos fight are beatable
  • Multiple saves
  • A config menu for remapping controls and toggling some other settings
  • Combined ROM handles both NTSC and PAL
  • 日本語台詞
  • Nemesis is usable
  • The wind/current tiles actually animate instead of just being arrows now

Known (notable) issues:

  • The "Running Hell" and "The Way Back Home" tracks have too high a pitch on one channel when looping. I believe this is an XGM issue.
  • There are a decent number of things missing from Hell, for example Curly doesn't shoot her Nemesis, and Ballos doesn't summon Red Butes. The ending scene is also uhh..
  • Misery and Sue are still acting weird in that Undead Core fight.
  • The SRAM format in the config menu doesn't do anything.

Planned for 0.6.0:

  • Toroko & King's themes
  • Texture compression so I can fit Toroko & King's themes
  • Nikumaru Counter
  • Spur and Snake hopefully

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@andwn andwn released this Mar 30, 2017 · 154 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Beat the game edition


Going on 2 week vacation in a couple days so better to put this up now.

New Stuff:

  • You can reach the normal ending and watch a buggy credits sequence
  • Bubbler and Blade are in, Nemesis sort of works maybe
  • Boss health bar
  • Press X to open the map quickly
  • Lots of little fixes everywhere

Plans for 0.5.0:

  • Hell
  • Spur, Snake, and Whimsical Star
  • Options menu that includes remappable controls

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@andwn andwn released this Feb 26, 2017 · 262 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Nobody saw that edition


Dropping this here because of some critical issues in v0.3.2. Only other notable change is more backgrounds are fixed to not look like vomit.

Video of the day. It's the Undead Core


@andwn andwn released this Feb 25, 2017 · 277 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Second anniversary edition. I don't know the actual day I started I just know it was a February.


New stuff:

  • Level Select: No more running a wonky command line utility to convert saves, they're built in now.
  • Experimental PAL support: The windows/menu are a tad too high, the rest should be ok.
  • Ma Pignon has a sprite and is defeatable (a couple things missing from the fight still), so now the hidden Last Cave is reachable without cheating.
  • Balcony is still largely unfinished, but the background is looking 👌
  • A lot of little things

Stuff I would like to get done before 0.4.0:

  • Revisit the Core fight, mostly to fix the projectiles
  • Actually make the Undead Core beatable, and make the ending scenes work
  • Bubbler and Blade

Video of the day


@andwn andwn released this Jan 28, 2017 · 336 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Small bugfix :^)

Also a few of the music tracks are updated


@andwn andwn released this Dec 8, 2016 · 345 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

There are a lot of crashing fixes after 0.2.1 so if that version crashes during a map transition try this.

You SHOULD be able to reach the last bosses. All of which are messed up and buggy. Plantation is also messed up and buggy.

I've gotten rather burnt out working on this and am gonna go play video games for a while.


@andwn andwn released this Oct 16, 2016 · 472 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Thanks for helping with the
This is as far as the game goes
for now.
I'm thinking I'll make this next
stage the last one.
Wonder how far I can get in
just two months...


What's new?

  • A whole lot of bug fixes and polish all around in the early game
  • The map system works
  • Major overhaul of sprites and AI, most z order and lag issues resolved
  • Omega tries to kill you!
  • Monster X shows up and also tries to kill you! It doesn't fire any projectiles
  • Curly's AI is slightly less stupid, actually follows you through the whole map
  • The Core is visible! It can't damage you though...
  • Waterway is very playable, as is the Ironhead fight
  • The return to Egg Corridor is playable too, to a lesser extent. Most of the sprites are there
  • Dragon Sisters float around, flap their mouths, but don't breathe any fire yet
  • Once you get to Kazuma everything is invisible except him. Continuing from that point is masochism

Since adding this mid/late game stuff this weekend, I have not retested the early game. Sorry if I accidentally broke something.

Also, I'm going to get rid of the sonic water in the Core room. The reason I added it was due to the Core sprite being so large, I thought I would have to use a background layer instead of an actual sprite. This isn't the case anymore, and the background layer is free for the water.


@andwn andwn released this Aug 27, 2016 · 579 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

200 commits edition. It is possible to make it as far as the Ironhead boss room (which is very broken). Here are all the changes / current issues from the top of my head.

I'm going to start calling releases "alpha" until the game is beatable. Then it will be "beta" until the stuff I missed is added in/fixed.

  • Text skipping now uses the A button instead of B. It has also gotten an upgrade, holding A will fast forward scenes (objects move 2x speed, <WAI times halved)
  • The pause/item menu (press start) is finally usable. You need to use it to equip the booster 0.8 if you get it (the booster DOES work, as do the turbocharge, arms barrier and air tank)
  • BOSSES: Balfrog shoots and spawns frogs, Curly, Toroko, and Pooh Black try to kill you. Omega and Monster X TBD. The core is killable, most of the AI is there but it still doesn't move and is invisible. Stand on the upper right most platform and just shoot the air until it dies (650 hp)
  • WEAPONS: Bubbler, Blade, and Snake are not implemented. Don't trade Chaba for the Snake or you will be screwed
  • The first half of Labyrinth is pretty much done apart from the ugly background and Monster X not existing. The part when Curly fights with you sort of works. She shoots things but gets stuck behind a wall early on and never catches up. The shutters in the core room are also missing sprites, and the water effect is unfinished
  • There is a thing going on with moving platforms. If you approach them from the left side (player moving right, platform moving left), you will clip to the top of it. I'll fix it eventually
  • A lot of enemies even earlier ones still don't fire any projectiles and there are a lot of other minor things wrong like motorbike is the wrong color. My focus right now is getting to the endgame