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Cross platform Mega Drive toolchain and Makefile abuse.

Dependencies: Windows

  • Install MSYS2 and follow the instructions on the site to update it
  • From MinGW 64-bit terminal: pacman -S make git mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain texinfo tar diffutils
    • It should work with the 32-bit terminal too, just replace x86_64 with i686
  • (SGDK Only) Install and configure Java:
    • Take note of where it was installed, then run the following commands making changes as necessary
    • echo 'export JAVA_HOME="/C/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_231"' >> ~/.bash_profile
    • echo 'export PATH="${PATH}:${JAVA_HOME}/bin/"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Dependencies: GNU/Linux

  • Debian: apt install build-essential texinfo
  • RedHat: yum install gcc gcc-c++ texinfo-tex
  • Arch: pacman -S base-devel texinfo
  • Gentoo: emerge sys-apps/texinfo

Dependencies: macOS

  • Install the Xcode command line tools
  • Install Java 8 or newer

Optional Dependencies

  • sik-tools requires libpng 1.6
  • flamewing-tools requires GNU Autotools, Boost and C++14 support


Clone the repo and run make. Make sure you have 3-5GB free disk space.

By default, only m68k-toolchain, z80-tools, and sgdk are installed. Other targets can be built whenever, just type the name after make.

Possible targets to install are:

  • m68k-toolchain: GNU toolchain for Motorola 68000 (MegaDrive)
  • m68k-toolchain-newlib: Includes Newlib libc implementation, but takes longer to build
    • Note: You may define LANGS=c,c++ for C++ support (but no STL)
  • m68k-gdb: GNU debugger for M68000
  • sh-toolchain: GNU toolchain for SH-2 (32X / Saturn)
  • sh-toolchain-newlib: Same as m68k-toolchain-newlib, but for SH-2
  • z80-tools: Z80 Assemblers (just sjasm right now, z80asm is having issues building)
  • sik-tools: Sik's mdtools
  • flamewing-tools: Flamewing's mdtools, useful for ROM hacking
  • sgdk: SGDK and its tools (rescomp, xgmtool, etc)
    • Note: A specific version of SGDK can be specified like SGDK_VER=<git tag>
  • sgdk-legacy: Shortcut for sgdk SGDK_VER=v1.33

The default install path is ${HOME}/mars, but can be changed by defining MARSDEV like this: make MARSDEV=/where/to/install.

Questions Nobody Asked

What is the difference between this and the other Genesis/Mega Drive toolchains?

SGDK's bundled toolchain only works on Windows, and Gendev only works on GNU/Linux systems. I have multiple computers all running different operating systems and it was a huge pain to have to keep updating multiple build systems for one game. The goal of this toolchain is to avoid that hassle -- one Makefile in your project that'll build your ROM on any host OS.

Can I build a Gendev project with Marsdev or vice-versa?

If you're lucky, all you have to do is point GENDEV and MARSDEV to the same place.

How do I use this with my favorite IDE?

There are so many of these and they all have different places you have to go to configure paths. In general the only thing you should NEED to do, is point it to the headers.

  • GCC Headers: $(MARSDEV)/m68k-elf/lib/gcc/m68k-elf/$(GCC_VER)/include
  • SGDK Headers: $(MARSDEV)/m68k-elf/include
  • Newlib Headers: $(MARSDEV)/m68k-elf/m68k-elf/include

If your IDE lets you configure what the build/run buttons do, just have it run something like this.

  • Build: MARSDEV=/path/to/mars make
  • Run: /path/to/an/emulator out.bin

This takes so long to compile!

GCC is a very large lad. We just have to deal with it.


The examples directory contains various skeleton/example projects to base others on. For more information on each read examples/

Should be as easy as a make for any of them.

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