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Personal MegaDrive toolchain I put too much effort into. You probably shouldn't try using this for 32X dev, I don't have any examples yet and am still learning how that thing works.

Dependencies: Windows

  • Install MSYS2 and follow the instructions on the site to make sure it is up to date
  • From MinGW 64-bit terminal: pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain texinfo tar diffutils
  • (It should work with the 32-bit terminal too, just replace x86_64 with i686)

Dependencies: GNU/Linux

  • Arch: pacman -S base-devel texinfo
  • Debian: apt install build-essential texinfo
  • RedHat: yum install gcc gcc-c++ texinfo-tex

Dependencies: OSX

  • Xcode with clang seems to work fine

Optional Dependencies

  • sgdk needs Java for lz4w compression, but won't fail without it
  • sik-tools requires libpng 1.6. Some systems have 1.2 instead which will fail
  • flamewing-tools requires the GNU Autotools as well as C++14 support (so GCC >= 5)


Clone the repo and run make. Make sure you have 3-5GB free disk space.

By default, only m68k-toolchain, z80-tools, and sgdk are installed. Other targets can be built whenever, just type the name after make.

Possible targets to install are:

  • m68k-toolchain: GNU toolchain for Motorola 68000 (MegaDrive)
  • m68k-gdb: GNU debugger for M68000
  • sh-toolchain: GNU toolchain for SH-2 (32X / Saturn)
  • z80-tools: Z80 Assemblers (just sjasm right now, z80asm is having issues building)
  • sik-tools: Sik's mdtools
  • flamewing-tools: Flamewing's mdtools, useful for ROM hacking
  • sgdk: SGDK and its tools (rescomp, xgmtool, etc)

The default install path is ${HOME}/mars, but can be changed by defining MARSDEV like this: make MARSDEV=/where/to/install.


The examples directory contains various skeleton/example projects to base others on. For more information on each read examples/

Should be as easy as a make for any of them.


  • 32X example/skeleton