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Global game jam 2017
C# ShaderLab
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Global Game Jam Game
Piano B

Super PowerWave Mega Arena Ultra Heroes - Extreme Edition

![Game Logo](/Piano B/Assets/Images/logoiniziale.png)

As you always dreamed, now you and your friends can fight with your childhood heroes using the Energy Wave, just with a tap. During the game you will be challenged with different stage and difficulties.

Global Game Jame 2017

Team Disorganized:


  • Andrea Peretti
  • Davide Cavagnuolo

Real Time Graphics

  • Oscar Grimaldi
  • Lara Fausone

Game Design

  • Elisa Cantamessa

3D Artist

  • Enrico Negro

Concept 2D 3D Artist

  • Erik Kuli
  • Riccardo Pasquali

Global game jam site link

You can find the game in the folder "Piano B"!!

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