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Kitura Until Dawn 中文版: A Kitura guidebook (WIP)
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Kitura Until Dawn 中文版

通俗易懂的 Kitura Web开发框架入门

A Comprehensive Introduction to the Kitura Web Development Framework

本书是帮助Swift开发者使用Kitura Web框架开发网站和服务的入门指导教程。此版采用Kitura2和Swift4。

Kitura Until Dawn 有多种电子版本(PDF/mobi/epub等),你可以在Kitura Until Dawn web site找到其他版本。


如果你觉得这个项目或者我的其他项目对你有帮助,请考虑在Patreon上给我赞助! 你的支持会帮助我在这些免费项目上走的更远。

Kitura Until Dawn 还没写完,事实上,它永远无法写完因为Swift和Kitura在不断更新。欢迎提交反馈和汇报Bug!请发起issue或者pull request在这本书的GitHub页面 或者给作者发送email

CC license badge
本书采用的许可证: 署名-非商业性使用-相同方式共享 4.0 国际 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Copyright, such as it is, by Nocturnal, 2017-2018. If you paid any money for this book, then we both got cheated. Kitura may or may not be a trademark of International Business Machines, with whom I have no affiliation.

This book is dedicated to Commodore International and the team behind the Commodore 64, the little brown-and-tan wedge that made me the hopeless nerd I am today. Big thanks also go out to the intelligent, kind, and patient people on the Swift@IBM Slack server and the lovable curmudgeons in the Freenode #iphonedev-chat channel.

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