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  • Weather Disease


  • Dengue helper


  • Luo Ye Chen, Tsai Yi Lin, Wang Shih Cheng


Subject:How is relationship between climatic factors and infectious diseases?

Problem & Solution : We mainly collect weather and infectious diseases from Taiwan and other neighboring countries. Such as: dengue fever, zawa ... Explore and analyze whether the weather factor. For example: the heavy rain and high temperature caused the disease and the greenhouse effect and the Christ Child brought to the earth's disease accomplice. One by one to OpenData visualization of the way to allow users to know which several climatic factors led to the outbreak of the disease, and to prevent in advance.

App (Dengue helper)

In our application we use open data provited by the government and you can use it from anywhere.


  • Global real-time weather :

    Temperature, Wind speed and direction, Atmospheric and Air pressure, Astronomy, Weather forecast.
  • Real-time disease news :

    Including Taiwan dengue fever news and World Health Organization(WHO) disease news,and you can check world disease disaster news before you travel abroad.
  • Global map :

    Global temperature map、Global dengue map、Global humidity map.
  • Taiwan dengue map :

    The number of Taiwan dengue fever ,and region occur in anywhere.
  • Dengue fever prevention :

    Dengue knowledge and simple check whether you live in danger.

Weather Disease Web


  • Introduction for team and issue

Analysis of Dengue in Taiwan

  • Chart present monthly dengue cases statistics in 2006 to 2016

    this chart present monthly dengue cases statistics in 2006 to 2016 , we can find dengue cases are increased yearly ,
    our team will find out what is mtter of dengue cases are increased yearly

  • Chart of monthly rainfall and dengue cases in 2012 to 2016 from tainan

    it is chart of monthly rainfall and dengue cases in 2012 to 2016 from tainan, we can find when this month have havey rain and dengue case were be increased so we can get a conclusion is wet environment outbreak dengues easily

  • Chart of Monthly average temperature

    we compare both Monthly average temperature in 1897-1945 and 2012 to 2016 from CMB data in tainan , and we can Observed Monthly average temperature in 2012 to 2016 most heigher than Monthly average temperature in 1897-1945 and we can find that the temperture is warmer than before. and therefoce increased the time for mosquito breeding

  • Trends of dengue in Taiwan

    we can access dengue cases in recent weeks

  • Dengue Map in Taiwan

    we can access area which was outbreak denguein taiwan

  • Dengue Map in th World

    thia map appear area which report dengue news in global and more red point is represent spread more seriously

  • Map of Global Warming

    we can compare both global dengue map and global climate map and we can find which area were dengue spread more seriously and also a high temptrue and humidity area

Visualize Data

data for visaulize chart

  • monthly rainfall in 2012 - 2016 intainan

  • temperature variety in 1897 and 2012-2016

  • monthly dengues case in tainan 2012-2016 for visaulize

Data set:

Taiwan's OpenData

▶ Climate

▶ Disease

▶ Dengue fever news

Global OpenData

▶ Disease news

  • WHO World Health Organization - the latest global outbreak of the news

  • Centers for disease control and prevention(CDC)

    source:Travel Health Notices

▶ Climate

▶ Other data quotes from external

Reference data


DownLoad PPT

DownLoad Dengue helper

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