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Go foreign export implementations for the standard library

Note that many values are currently missing. Only a minimum set has been implemented – just beyond enough for the standard compiler tests to pass. Please feel free to contribute any that you have implemented yourself (via a pull request).

Some basic conventions used in this code (not absolutely required, but please try to follow them)

  • Run your code through gofmt
  • Use provided type alias Any instead of interface{}
  • Use provided type alias Dict instead of map[string]Any (intended for when you're dealing with ps records)
  • Use provided type []Any for arrays
  • For input parameters used as-is (i.e. when no type assertion from Any is necessary), simply use a name without a trailing underscore.
    • For example:
      exports["foo"] = func(bar Any) Any {
        return bar
  • If you need to create a local variable from an argument type assertion (for readability, performance, etc.), name the parameter with a trailing underscore. Then create a type-inferred variable declaration with assignment, with the trailing underscore removed from the name.
    • For example:
    exports["foo"] = func(bar_ Any) Any {
      bar := bar_.(int)


Go foreign export implementations for the standard library




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