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Ruby gem to help dump and load DB table data with encryption
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Provides Rake tasks to dump and restore a PostgreSQL database via an encrypted file, for Ruby on Rails applications.

A good use case for this is when an application is new, and it is appropriate to dump an entire database from production, for use locally in development, to keep 1 or more developers on the same page. As an application grows, it may no longer be feasible or secure to dump the entire database.

Another use case would be if there was a pre-built, pre-sanitized, subset of the production database created, then in that case the entire database may be dumped and loaded directly for local application development purposes.


gem 'dev_dump'

And then execute:

$ bundle

This depends on gpg, gunzip and Ruby on Rails. Install gpg on OS X with brew install gpg.


Add config/initializers/dev_dump.rb overriding any of the values below.

DevDump.configure do |config|
  config.backups_path = "/tmp/some_dir"
  config.ssh_user = "user"
  config.ssh_host = ""


Run this task from the app root on production. This dumps the database to an encrypted file. You will be prompted for a passphrase used for gpg encryption.

rake dev_dump:dump

Run this task on the local machine. This was tested in a bash shell.

rake dev_dump:download_file[/path/to/file/on/prod]

Run this task on the local machine after the file is downloaded, using the same path. You will be prompted for the passphrase you entered above.

rake dev_dump:load[/path/to/local/file]
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