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Opening the VPN dialog from the command line

OS X has a built-in VPN client, the process name is "racoon". We have to re-connect often at work, so this script pops up the UI dialog from the command line. The alias first kills the racoon process, since it may be in a bad state.


  1. cp config.sample.yml config.yml
  2. From the OS X Network preferences, supply the name of your VPN network name in config.yml
  3. chmod +x generate.rb and ./generate.rb. This should generate a openvpn.applescript file with your VPN network name in it.
  4. Copy the contents of aliases to your ~/.bash_profile and source it (e.g. source ~/.bash_profile)
  5. Now you should be able to run: openvpn


The plan is to add more applescripts. Do you have any applescripts that are time savers?

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