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bugfix: support for uploading uppercase filenames (Tom Graham)
bugfix: fix typo in multidownload validation, and add test
metadata compatibility updates (storeId, lastPlayed)
fix uploading of unicode filenames without tags
update allowed rating values to 1-5 (David Dooling)
update metajamId to matchedId (David Dooling)
fix broken expectation about disc/track numbering metadata
change to the 3-clause BSD license
add Kevin Kwok to AUTHORS
improve code in
support uploading of all Google-supported formats: m4a, ogg, flac, wma, mp3. Non-mp3 are transcoded to 320kbs abr mp3 using ffmpeg
introduce dependency on ffmpeg. for non-mp3 uploading, it needs to be in path and have the needed transcoders available
get_playlists is now get_all_playlist_ids, and is faster
add an exception CallFailure. Api functions raise it if the server says their request failed
add suppress_failure (default False) option to Api.__init__()
change_playlist now returns the changed playlistId (pid)
change_song_metadata now returns a list of changed songIds (sids)
create_playlist now returns the new pid
delete_playlist now returns the deleted pid
delete_songs now returns a list of deleted sids
change_playlist now returns the pid of the playlist - which may differ from the one passed in
add_songs_to_playlist now returns a list of (sid, new playlistEntryId aka eid) tuples of added songs
remove_songs_from_playlist now returns a list of removed (sid, eid) pairs
search dictionary is now flattened, without the "results" key. see documentation for example
package for pip/pypi
add AUTHORS file
remove; the sessions are now just api.PlaySession (Darryl Pogue)
protocol.Metadata_Expectations.get_expectation will return UnknownExpectation when queried for unknown keys; this should prevent future problems
add immutable 'subjectToCuration' and 'metajamId' fields - use unknown
add change_playlist for playlist modifications
get_playlists supports multiple playlists of the same name by returning lists of playlist ids. By default, it will return a single string (the id) for unique playlist names; see the always_id_lists parameter.
api.login now attempts to bump Music Manager authentication first, bypassing browser emulation. This allows for much faster authentication.
urls updated for the change to Google Play Music
remove_songs_from_playlist now takes (playlist_id, song_ids), for consistency with other playlist mutations
change name to gmusicapi to avoid ambiguity
change delete_song and remove_song_from_playlist to delete_songs and remove_songs_from_playlist, for consistency with other functions
add verification of WC json responses
setup a sane branch model. see
improve logging