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Ubercool DB spammer for Django
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Dilla is a multi-purpose general testing tool for automated
database spamming, intented to use with projects built on top of Django,
populating data within any number of internal applications.

What's new in 0.2beta

    * New commandline options:

        --no-input - Stop user nagging (use with care)
        --no-coin  - Do not use coin toss

    * Callable support for FileField.upload_to
    * Exclude models from being spammed (settings.DILLA_EXCLUDE_MODELS)
    * Backwards incompatible:

        Spammer functions interface extended.
        AbstractRecord instance is passed as the first argument.

        Old: spam_something(field): ...
        New: spam_something(record, field): ...

Installation & how to


    [minor] * Support for unique_for_date, unique_for_month, unique_for_year
    [minor] * Support for XMLField, CommaSeparatedIntegerField
    [major] * OneToOneField support
    [minor] * Optimize everything
    [minor] * Contrib spamlibs for GeoDjango etc.

How to contribute?

1. Fork me @ GitHub:
2. Code anything you find useful
3. Add yourself to contributors list
4. Send me a pull request


Adolfo Fitoria (
Rob Berry (
Rafal Galczynski (
Alfredo Aguirre (
Philip Kalinsky (
Mark Lavin (

Additional Info

This project is PEP8 compilant.
``identicon`` submodule copyrighted by Shin Adachi.
License: BSD License

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