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The ICEWS event data


This is a quick look at the public ICEWS data, including code for how to use the event data from R. David Masad has a much better overview using Python.

The public ICEWS data are available on dataverse at

The script in icews-to-public.r has instructions for how to load the .zip files containing the event data into a SQLite database for further work in R. Further work with the data from there requires a bit of SQL. The script includes some really simple examples, but aggregating the raw event data to variables one might use in modeling requires a bit more complex queries.

Events per day

Daily event totals

Total events by country, per million

The per capita event counts are log10, so the differences in the per capita counts in the map are actually much starker than they appear.

Daily event totals

summary.r has a bit more on this further down, including linear models with population among other predictors.