My goals for 2018 in a repo for accountability and for me to keep a log of what I've achieved
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My 2018 goals

I want 2018 to be a good year, so I'm setting some goals and keeping track of them. I think making this public will put a bit of pressure on me to get things done too 🚀.

Each item has an issue attached for more info and a log of what's been achieved so far. Hopefully in December 2018, I can write a post about how I've succeeded in all the below points 🙂.

The goals

  • Publish at-least 20 articles (#1)
  • Speak at at-least one conference or meetup (#2)
  • Feature in at-least 1 podcast as a guest (#3)
  • Get my weight to 13.5 stone (86kg) and maintain it (#4)
  • Make at-least 5 meaningful contributions to the web community (#5)