A little project for building front-end templates with html, scss, js and svg
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❗️❗️❗️ This repository is no longer maintained. Thanks to everyone for your help. It means a lot! ❗️❗️❗️


Stalfos is an open-source, skeletal front-end development starter kit. It provides you with a solid starting-point for working with HTML, Sass and JavaScript. It also provides tools for working with images, fonts and SVG.

Along with being a useful starter kit, Stalfos is completely modifiable and extendable, which allows you to use it to create a powerful front-end development workflow.

One reason for this is that the beating heart of Stalfos is Gulp, which provides a modular task based processing system that can be extended as you see fit. Stalfos provides a Gulp setup that will process your front-end assets to a decent production ready standard from the word gulp go!

Out of the box, Stalfos gives you:

  • An SCSS based collection of helpers, components and layouts in a modular orientated project structure
  • A JavaScript project structure with some little helpers included
  • A Nunjucks based HTML template building system
  • Automated SVG processing

Getting Started

It's recommended that you use Stalfos as a starting point and not as a traditional framework.

The most straightforward way to get it running is to:

  1. Open your terminal at {your project directory}
  2. Run the following command: git clone https://github.com/hankchizljaw/stalfos.git stalfos_tmp && mv stalfos_tmp/front-end front-end && rm -rf stalfos_tmp && cd front-end
  3. This will clone the latest copy of Stalfos into a front-end directory for you. It will then move you to that directory
  4. Run npm install to install the required dependencies
  5. After npm has finished installing the dependancies that Stalfos needs, run gulp serve. More info about the gulp commands can be found here
  6. Visit http://localhost:8003 in your browser
  7. You should see your almost blank start page!

Now you've got yourself the basic kit running, let's delve into it a bit deeper.

Note: You can also use Yarn to work with Stalfos.

Now you've got yourself the basic kit running, let's delve into it a bit deeper with the Stalfos Docs.

Made with ❤ by hankchizljaw and friends