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A simple Gradle build to deploy binaries to a git repo so gh-pages can be used as a maven repo
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A small Gradle build script to deploy build artifacts to a 'repo' directory in a Maven format. The repo can then be hosted on gh-pages for free and used as a Maven repository by any other build scripts.


A java virtual machine in order to run the Gradle Wrapper. Gradle, which is required to run the build script, will be downloaded automatically by the Gradle wrapper (gradlew).


  1. Fork the project and clone locally.
  2. Download the file that should be added to the Maven repo.
  3. Run ./gradlew -PdepGroup=<GROUP.NAME> -PdepVersion=<VERSION> -PdepArtifact=<ARTIFACT.NAME> -PdepFile=<PATH.TO.FILE> which will 'upload' the file to the 'repo' directory.
  • For example ./gradlew -PdepVersion=1.3.8-0 -PdepArtifact=MyCoolArtifact -PdepFile=/home/me/MyCoolArtifact.jar.
  1. git commit and git push as you normally would do any other changes to a Git repo. Make sure this is to the gh-pages branch so it's hosted on GitHub.
  2. Use http://<github-user><repo-name>/ as the Maven repository and the corresponding group, artifact name and version in your build scripts.


The BladeRunnerJS project uses this approach to host it's build dependencies that are not hosted on Maven central. See for the souce. The repo itself is then hosted at

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