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Code used on my Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Python C++
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A Python script and Arduino sketch reading an logging indoor air quality. For the full write up of this project, see

This repo is intended as a reference for what I built. If you want to build something similar, feel free to use this as is or add / change your own stuff. If you do something cool, I'd love to hear about it, you can tweet me at @andycb or leave a comment on the above blog post


  1. Make sure you have Python 2 instaled
  2. Install the Adafruit IO library for Python 2 by running pip install adafruit-io.
  3. Get an aPI key for Adafruit IO:
  4. Paste your API key into


Run python to run the script.

Third Party Work Included


The Nunito font used is Nunito by Vernon Adams, check it out on Google Fonts:

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