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This forum software is depreciated and not being actively developed. If you'd like to pick up on this project left off contact me and I'd be glad to talk!

Next generation forum software in PHP5.

Only uses one database table!

screenshot of theme silicone

Build Status


  1. Run models/schema.sql in MySql
  2. Configure sql username and password in index.php
  3. Configure gab_config.php (optional)
  4. Install source onto your server
  5. Done

What does it have?

Info Info
Version 1
Release Date 16 March 2013
Author Andy Chase
Free and Open Source Yes
License MIT Licence
License cost 0.00
Programming Language PHP
UTF-8 Support Yes
Type Flat
Installation method manual
Upgrade method manual
Data Storage Data Storage
Postgres No
Oracle No
SQLite No
Textfiles No
other None
Hosting available No
Posts Posts
BBCode No
Emoticons No
Formatting Toolbar No
Quoting Nested
Syntax Highlighting No
Attachments No
Forums Forums
Categories Yes
Subforums single
Last Post Yes
Redirect Forums No
Trashcan Forum No (Posts can be undeleted by moderators)
Anti-Spam and Security Anti-Spam and Security
Groups No
Flood Control No
Blacklist No
Warnings No
Suspension No
Bans No
IP-Block No
Audit Logging No
User Reports No
Other Openid ext, or external users.
Notification Notification
E-Mail No
Instant Messaging No
Bookmarks No
Community Community
Avatars Gravatar
User Ranks No
Rating/Karma System No
Signatures No
Users Online List No
Private Messaging No
Custom profile fields No
Moderation Moderation
Moderators global and forums
Move Threads No
Split Threads No
Close Threads No
Shadow Topics No
Sticky Threads No
Important Threads No
Search Search
Full-text search Plugin (requiring Elastic Search installation)
Author search No
Advanced search No
Unread Topics No
Customization Customization
Languages English-only
Templates global and forum specific
Custom BBCodes No
Skin-Editor No
Smiley Packs No
Plugins Yes
Special Features Special Features
Statistics No
Polls No
Calendar No
Friendly URLs No
Data Management Data Management
Pruning No
Archiving No
Export Formats No
Export private messages No
Lo-Fi View No