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A Corporate Espionage Game where you unrealistically infiltrate overguarded buildings to achieve some vaguely defined end.

Requires python v2.7 and pygame v1.9.1 or other compatible version.

Run arc_main to start the game.

Thanks Mr. Lee!


Exclamation point after being caught may appear in wrong place

Audio playback issues on Mac. Has to do with Pygame audio libraries, problem kind of solved with try/except.

Image blitting issues on Mac. Has to do with Pygame image libraries.

Player/Object clipping. Has to do with collision mechanics.

Improper image masking

Issues with file (ControlOptions.txt) reading on Mac. To solve this issue simply open the ControlOptions.txt file and the problem should be solved.

Unrealistic difficulty

How fun the game really is

True to pygame, this was not optimized for OSX

Game is currently unpackaged

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