Word clock wristwatch using the TIMESQUARE watch and custom faceplate.
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Wordclock for TIMESQUARE Watch

Forked from the TIMESQUARE Watch https://github.com/adafruit/TIMESQUARE-Watch

This version adds an additional wordclock mode. Requires additional faceplate. Laser cut or 3D print based on the provided vector / model files.

After downloading, rename folder to 'Watch' and install in Arduino Libraries folder. Restart Arduino IDE, then open File->Sketchbook->Library->Watch->Watch sketch.

This version also adds automatic daylight saving time adjustment for the US and Canada!

Requires Adafruit_GFX, RTClib and DST_RTC libraries.

Thanks Dano for vector file, lasercut and 3D print work!

Learn more about this project at http://andydoro.com/wordclockwristwatch/