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Linux Kernel Patches for OpenFrame Devices
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Kernel Patches for OpenFrame

These patches should be sufficient to get you compiling a new Linux kernel on your lovely OpenFrame device from OpenPeak. The long term 3.16 branch is tested and recommended, for ALSA reasons, explained below.

The patches include Andrew de Quincey's OpenFrame backlight driver, a pin tweak which enables line output switching on the STAC9202 audio IC inside the OpenFrame 1, plus a twiddle to get the I2C bus to play nicely, which gets the ambient light sensor working.

Apply to the kernel source like this:

patch -p1 -d linux-version < patchfile

There's also a .config file to get you started. You'll also need a 32-bit x86 build environment; a Xubuntu virtual machine works well for me. Once you have everything together, compile with:

make -j`nproc` deb-pkg

You can use the resulting linux-image and linux-headers .deb packages with the scripts in my openframe-ubuntu repo to create an image which, hopefully, works.

Precompiled Versions?

Compiled debian packages should be available from my website.

ALSA Reasons?

Everything works almost perfectly in the more recent 4.* and 5.* branch kernels works perfectly, 5.0.9 being the latest tested.

Except! Audio switching on the line output doesn't work properly. When a 3.5mm jack is connected to the rear socket, the internal speaker is not properly muted, resulting in audible interference crackling, usually only on the right speaker. I have little experience with ALSA and though I've tried engaging with the alsa-devel mailing list, I've had no success resolving the problem so far.

If anybody has ALSA experience and could look into this, it would be really, really appreciated.

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