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Take animated gifs and post them to your fave Slack channel.
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Facecamp lets you take an animated gif from desktop or mobile by connecting the app to Slack and then visiting to post yourself to Slack for your teamies to see.

Developing Locally

First run npm install in the project root.

Using a Legacy Token

The easiest way to get up and running with this locally is to use a legacy token. Follow the instructions on this page to obtain a legacy token for your user and team. Note that you should only use a legacy token for playing around with this project locally, not for deploying a version for yourself. See the next section for instructions on how to do that.

Once you have a legacy token you can use it to start the app:


Using a Slack app

If you'd like to use your own Slack app to run this project, that's possible too. Go to your Slack app's page to get or create your app. Then use the configuration values for that app to setup and run the authentication server.

Building for Production

This app gets built as static files that can be hosted anywhere. Run the following commands to build a production ready version to the build/ directory.

npm run build

If you'd like to test the production version locally, you can run the following command which will serve whatever files are in the build/ directory.

npm run serve


Follow the guidelines in the contribution docs.


Credit to @latentflip's from which I took the initial implementation for the getUserMedia -> gif code.



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