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// Copyright (c) Andrew Fischer. See LICENSE file for license terms.
// importing.cpp : Functions to help import C functions into Circa.
#pragma once
#include "common_headers.h"
#include "function.h"
namespace circa {
// Create a Circa function, using the given C evaluation function, and
// a header in Circa-syntax.
// Example function header: "function do-something(int, string) -> int"
Term* import_function(Branch* branch, EvaluateFunc func, std::string const& header);
// Install an evaluate function into an existing function object.
void install_function(Term* function, EvaluateFunc evaluate);
Term* install_function(Branch* branch, const char* name, EvaluateFunc evaluate);
Term* import_type(Branch* branch, Type* type);
struct ImportRecord
const char* functionName;
EvaluateFunc evaluate;
void install_function_list(Branch* branch, const ImportRecord* list);
} // namespace circa
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