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// Copyright (c) Andrew Fischer. See LICENSE file for license terms.
#pragma once
#include "list.h"
namespace circa {
void check_for_static_errors(List* result, Branch* branch);
void update_static_error_list(Branch* branch);
void format_static_error(caValue* error, caValue* stringOutput);
// Print each static error to 'out'. Returns true if there were any static errors.
bool print_static_errors_formatted(List* result, std::ostream& out);
bool has_static_error(Term* term);
bool has_static_errors(Branch* branch);
bool has_static_errors_cached(Branch* branch);
int count_static_errors(Branch* branch);
bool print_static_errors_formatted(Branch* branch, std::ostream& out);
bool print_static_errors_formatted(Branch* branch);
bool print_static_errors_formatted(Branch* branch, caValue* out);
void print_static_error(Term* term, std::ostream& out);
std::string get_static_errors_formatted(Branch* branch);
std::string get_static_error_message(Term* term);
void mark_static_error(Term* term, const char* msg);
void mark_static_error(Term* term, caValue* error);
} // namespace circ
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