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Need to be able to pass around closure values.
Also need to reconcile the various ways of storing a function.
Lower-level format.
Used primarily in reflection.
Function / Closure
Stores a Branch pointer
Stores the 'Environment' (a list of closed values)
Existing 'Function' type
Should be removed
Fields should be added to a NativeFunc field on the Branch
Code should pass around Branch* when talking about functions
The {} syntax must create a closure:
def main() -> Function
a = 1
return { print(a) }
Referring to a function by name must also create a closure:
def main() -> Function
a = 1
def print_a()
return print_a
1) Add a Func type, which may include a list of closed variables.
2) Whenever we compile a function, every external reference must be wrapped in a
external() term.
3) When calling a Func, each external() term must be filled in, either from the stack
or from the Func's environment.
4) When returning a Func value, we may need to capture values from the stack.
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