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Plastic Editor
What basic operations to support?
- Load/save to source
- Reload source (preserving state)
- Reset state
- Snapshot state
- Save state to key, quick load/save
- Save state to a file
- Show code in separate window
- Support multiple resizable windows
Source view
- Draw source with syntax highlighting
- Highlight selection
Game view
- Click to select
- Highlight selection
- Drag
Keyboard metaphors for movement:
- 'next' and 'previous' - context sensitive browsing
- 'parent' - input of current term
- 'child' - user of current term
This is a context sensitive way to browse through multiple terms. There are
various commands which return a list (or iterator) of terms as a result, and
the keys to explore this list are the same.
Example usage:
1. User clicks 'parent' while on a term that has multiple inputs
2. Start browsing all inputs. Current selection goes to input 0
3. User clicks n,p to cycle through inputs
n,p : next, previous
1..9 : select by index
a : select all
Code modification operations:
- Change value (for values)
- Change function
- Change type (when possible)
- Insert, delete, or change an input
- Rename
- Rewrite an expression from raw text
- Move expression
- Promote selection to function
Code creation operations:
- Create from raw text
- Create value
Need: name, type, value
Can probably have keys for specific values (like 'create-string', 'create-int')
- Call function
Need: name, function, inputs
- Declare subroutine
Need: name, input types, input names, output type, body
- Declare type
Need: name, field names, field types
- Insert comment
- Insert blank lines
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