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Old way:
A stack frame is not created for every foreign function, they are evaluated "in place"
Foreign function uses accessors that find the term's inputs by searching the stack
New way:
A stack frame is created for every foreign function
Inputs are copied to the new frame (using the stame stack-searching we did before)
Foreign function finds input & output slots at the top of the stack
Old way of getting inputs:
Number of inputs was associated with each call site
Different call sites could have different input counts
The receiver function would dynamically access input values (associated with calling code)
Input-output passing is more of a protocol. Call-site makes promises and callee accesses
the stack with the assumption that promises are held
- Harder to push a function and run it. A call site must be created.
- Too much logic placed in the hands of the foreign function
New way of getting inputs:
Number and type of inputs is fixed per-function
No varargs, instead multiple inputs need to be wrapped into a list
Does list wrapping hurt performance?
Does list wrapping hurt reflection? Probably not much. Varargs already tricky to reflect.
- More restrictive
+ Probably easier to optimize
+ Easier to push a function and run it
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