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// Copyright (c) Andrew Fischer. See LICENSE file for license terms.
#pragma once
namespace circa {
// Header used for any objects that participate in GC
struct CircaObject
char magicalHeader[6];
Type* type;
// Nearby GCable objects.
CircaObject* next;
CircaObject* prev;
// If we're 'referenced', then we can only be deleted by a GC pass, not manually.
bool referenced;
// If we're 'root', then we can only be deleted manually, not by GC.
bool root;
int refcount;
// Used during GC collection
GCColor gcColor;
// The object's body will be contiguous in memory.
char body[0];
bool is_object(caValue* value);
CircaObject* as_object(caValue* value);
void* object_get_body(caValue* value);
void object_initialize(Type* type, caValue* value);
void setup_object_type(Type* type, int objectSize, caObjectReleaseFunc releaseFunc);
} // namespace circa
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