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Just a public place to stash some of the hacky Jekyll plugins I've built that are currently gathering dust in various Gists. Not much documentation here.
Iterates all pages, determines if they belong in Solr, and submits them. Depends on an environmental variable for the Solr host, and if it doesn't exist it skips indexing. Makes `jekyll --auto` stay fast if you don't want to reindex every save.
A filter to only print things before the `<!--more-->` tag. In the style of a popular blogging engine.
Compile all `.less` files into CSS using less.js, which is usually easiest to add to your Jekyll project as a submodule.
Sends growl notifications before and after builds. The completed notification is priority 1, so it's easy to light it up. Won't explode if used on a C.I. box that doesn't have Growl or isn't on OS X.

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