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Jekyll + less.js mini site for my local flying club
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_layouts add open house facebook links
_less.js @ 9e48460 update less.js to support modern nodes
_plugins updates for latest jekyll
achievements add nate secinaro solo
aircraft add missing autopilot PDF
alumni-blurbs remove gladys post miller's photo (per her request)
club clarify ownership vs named-insured
contact update email address domains
cpc add latest achievements, move cpc video to club page
css add W&B to aircraft page
events add spring open house PDF
images add information on june open house
instructors add eric taylor photo
js add W&B to aircraft page
layout add twitter logo
learn-to-fly 2013 disco flight price
members updated rules, removed old procedures
photos add flour drop photo to home page
pilotlog add up-the-river trip post + photos, stage new bio
press add woaw press release
skycatcher fix broken images on skycatcher latch page
store update google merchant id for t-shirts
.gitignore add bundler stuffs
.gitmodules * convert to jekyll-based LESS compilation
.htaccess aircraft starter content, markdown, htaccess with mime type
Gemfile updates for latest jekyll
Gemfile.lock updates for latest jekyll last CI test?!
_config.yml updates for latest jekyll add spring open house to events, update press
logos-round2.png revert to old logo, add logo comparison revert to old logo, add logo comparison
oldPhotos.html add old photos html from archive
robots.txt remove site map reference from robots.txt


This is just an open repo with the source code for the Jekyll + less.js powered site I built for my flying club. A fun little side project to stretch my atrophied design skills. Some bland PDFs and photos of happy people near airplanes included.


'Cause maybe somebody else will help me keep it updated, and I wanted a place to share the code. I can't use Github Pages to host it, because of the less.js compiler requirement.


Just like any other Jekyll site. Run jekyll, and the site will compile to the _site/ directory. You'll need node.js in your path so that Jekyll can run the included compiler plugin. Less.js is an included submodule.

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