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Lightweight JSON-RPC client for node using scoped-http-client
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JSON-RPC Client for Node.js

A dead-simple JSON-RPC client for Node.js, built on top of scoped-http-client in Coffeescript. Generally adheres to the incomplete JSON-RPC 2.0 spec -- earlier specs didn't support named parameters. Released under the MIT license.

Why this package?

  • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Relies on scoped-http-client for HTTP idiosyncrasies. Other implementations use Node's low-level HTTP client
  • The other JSON-RPC implementations are primarily servers -- this is a simple client

Usage (Javascript)

jsonrpc = require('jsonrpc-client');

client = jsonrpc.create('');
    { someParam: 'someValue' }, 
    function(error, response) {
       if (error === null) {


To run tests:

cd node-jsonrpc-client
npm install --dev
cake test

Tests are run against the Coffeescript source files. No need to cake build unless you're packaging for release.


  • Support HTTP authentication
  • Consider a streaming JSON parser like benejson
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