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Happy Haskell Hacking with Atom and ghc-mod
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Happy Haskell Hacking With Atom

Helium is a tiny plugin that connects Atom to ghc-mod. ghc-mod can check syntax, inspect the types of sub expressions and a bunch of other things.

Helium can show you errors in your code: (use helium:check)

Compiler feedback

It can also fill in type annotations sometimes with helium:insert-type:

Insert Type

You can also use the helium:insert-import command to insert an import into the top of the current document without losing your current place.



  • Update to work with Atom 1.0


  • Updated to work with 0.192.0


  • I fudged the version on an import. Fixed.


  • helium:insert-import can insert an import at the top of the currently open document.
  • helium:check works on Literate Haskell.
  • heilum:check does a better job of displaying errors that occur in files imported by the checked file.
  • Do a better job of finding ghc-mod and running it from the correct working directory.


This project is very roughshod right now. It is simultaneously a work in progress and a sort of dumping ground for me to experiment with Atom's customization APIs. It is stable enough to be useful for simple tasks, though.


apm install helium

If you want to get the source directly (eg to hack on it (please, hack on it!)), you can just check it out into your ~/.atom/packages directory. Then, start atom and run the update-package-dependencies:update command to pull in npm dependencies.

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