BBot! An open source, wireless beer serving robot reference design featuring a C++ program running on a BeagleBone Black, a .Net WPF control GUI and even low level FPGA integration!
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BBot! An open source, beer serving robot reference design that includes a .NET WPF controls GUI, C++ running on a BeagleBone Black and even low level FPGA integration!

Maker Faire NYC 2013 Audience Currently, there isn't much formal documentation on this repository sorry. Contact me if you have any burning questions! asgikling[at]

Content about BBot found on the world wide spider webs (videos, pictures, etc.):

  1. - overview by Tara at

1.5 - video interview taken at Maker Faire NYC 2013

  1. - Maker Faire NYC 2013 project page





More information about BBot can be found at the ValentFx website as well:




Great BeagleBone Black tutorials can be found at Derek Molloy's YouTube page: