A jQuery slideshow plugin that loads images as they're required to save bandwidth.
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Really Simple(TM) Slideshow

Yet another slideshow plugin for jQuery! This particular one loads images dynamically, as and when they're required by the slideshow, allowing you to create larger slideshows without having to pre-load all of the images.

Include rsf-slideshow-1.0.js in your document, then initialise a slideshow like this:


Please see docs for information about adding slides, and the correct HTML markup.

For detailed docs and demos, visit:

Change Log

Version 1.4.11 -- 19 Apr 2012
* BUG FIX: Fixed bug where slideshow moved to the second slide and then stopped.

Version 1.4.10 -- 11 Mar 2012
* BUG FIX: RSS now waits for the current slide to load before moving the slideshow on to the next.
* Updated jQuery version to latest stable (1.7.1) in demos and tests.

Version 1.4.9 -- 11 Mar 2012
* `rsSlideReady` event added.
* Callback demo updated to provide an example of using the `rsSlideReady` event to add a custom class to an individual slide.

Version 1.4.8 -- 5 Jul 2011
* All public methods now return a jQuery collection (unless they return specific data).
* QUnit test suite updated to include tests for all public methods.

Version 1.4.7 -- 30 Jun 2011
* Improved the handling of the removal of outgoing slide elements.
* Moved all transition effects into the $.refSlideshow.transitions object, allowing for extension of the slideshow effects.
* Improved the code documentation in the non-minified version of the plugin code.
* BUG FIX: Added an asynchronous method for determining image dimensions, which prevent an occasional race condition in Chrome.
* Added a CSS rule to fix the broken fade transition effect in IE8.

Version 1.4.6 -- 1 Jun 2011
* Added support for optional image alt and title parameters (requires custom options).

Version 1.4.5 -- 27 May 2011
* Added HTML cpations demo.
* Accommodated for HTML captions.
* Changed caption container element from span to div.
* Removed the broken controlsdemo.html

Version 1.4.4 -- 18 May 2011
* Fixed bug causing fatal "Object doesn't support this..." error in IE 6/7/8. 

Version 1.4.3 -- 17 May 2011
* Fixed bug causing the play/pause control to start in the "playing" state when the autostart setting is set to false.

Version 1.4.2 -- 12 May 2011
* Fixed fatal bug introduced in previous update.
* Improved image width detection to fix occasional image positioning bug in certain browsers.

Version 1.4.1 -- 12 May 2011
* Renamed the 'private' object to 'RssPrivateMethods' to avoid problems with the global namespace.
* Tidy up of the code and correction of some minor errors.

Version 1.4 -- 5 May 2011
* Added the removeSlides() method.
* Added the getSlideData() method.
* Included QTest unit testing (for new methods only).

Version 1.3.1 -- 2 May 2011
* Fixed image size detection bug when resizing images using CSS.
* Fixed bug causing controls to be auto-generated regardless of settings.
* Private methods are no longer available publicly
* Moved all default options to $.rsfSlideshow.defaults

Version 1.3 -- 1 May 2011
* Added the controls option.
* Changed the name of the eventCallbacks option to eventHandlers.
* Changed the behaviour of the following methods: bindPlayPause, bindPreviousSlide, bindNextSlide and bindIndex so that they require jQuery objects to bind the behaviours to.
* Changed the name of the bindNext method to bindNextSlide.
* Changed the name of the bindPrevious method to bindPreviousSlide.
* Removed the following options: play_pause_class, prev_class, next_class, stop_on_prev_next, index_class and stop_on_index.
* Added auto-generation of control elements.

Version 1.2 -- 27 Apr 2011
* Added bindIndex() method as a quick way to create "go to slide..." control functionality.
* Added bindPrevious() and bindNext() methods as a quick way to create prev/next control functionality.
* Added bindPlayPause() method as a quick way to create play/pause control functionality.
* Added default event callbacks to options, to aid with setup of global slideshow functionality.
* Added $.rsfSlideshow() method for setting options globally.
* Added event triggers for slideshow events. 

Version 1.1 -- 18 Apr 2011
* Changed the name of the plugin file to jquery.rs.slideshow.js to bring it into line with jQuery plugin naming convention.
* Bug fix: More consistent behaviour across browsers when loading cached images into a slideshow.
* Changes to the default markup used for specifying slide data. Markup now makes more sense semantically, and offers the opportunity to allow non-JavaScript users to click on links to slideshow images. (Extra CSS is required to do this, and we'll publish this soon).
* slide_data_selectors option added. This makes slide data more customisable.
* url_data_selector option removed (replaced by slide_data_selectors).
* caption_data_selector option removed (replaced by slide_data_selectors).
* link_url_data_selector option removed (replaced by slide_data_selectors).
* effect_data_selector option removed (replaced by slide_data_selectors).