Arduino library for interacting with the Octasonic HC-SR04 Breakout Board
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Arduino Library for the Octasonic HC-SR04 Breakout Board

This is an arduino library for the Octasonic HC-SR04 breakout board that allow you to connect up to 8 HC-SR04 sensors to an Arduino with just a few wires.

Connecting the board to an Arduino Uno

Connect the Octasonic pins to Arduino Uno pins as follows

Octasonic Arduino Uno
5V        5V
SCK       Digital 13
MISO      Digital 12
MOSI      Digital 11
SS        Digital 10
GND       GND

Installing this library

There are lots of good tutorials on the internet about installing Arduino libraries so I suggest searching for those. Hoever, the short version is that recent versions of the Arduino IDE have a menu option for installing libraries and that is the easiest approach. Simply download a zip of this repository (there is a 'Download ZIP' button near the top right of this page) and then import that into the IDE.