Website for a project to analyze different data sources of the open source project TYPO3. See TYPO3-Analytics
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TYPO3-Analytics (Web)

This is the frontend for the TYPO3 Analytics project. For more details please have a look at the TYPO3 Analytics project repository.

A online version is available at

This website is based on TYPO3 and will show results, graphs and other interesting facts of the collected data.

ATTENTION: This project is highly under development and can be completely change during development. But contribution is already welcome :)

Installation / Contributing

Oh you want to install this project on your local machine? And / Or you want to contribute? Thanks!

All you need to know can be found in the blog article Setup the TYPO3-Analytics frontend for development purpose.

For contribution we use the standard process via github pull requests. Issues (bugs, features, enhancements, etc.) will be stored in the local issue tracker.

Data and Credentials


analytics database contains the raw data for analysis, charts and lists (git commits, TYPO3-Versions, Gerrit votes, etc.)

typo3_analytics database contains the structure for the TYPO3 system (Pages, backend user, content, etc.)

Username and Password for TYPO3 backend

Username: admin
Passwort: admin

Questions / Contact / Feedback

If you got questions, feedback or want to drink a beer and talk about this project just contact me. Write me an email (see my Github-profile for this) or tweet me: @andygrunwald. And of course you can just open an issue here on github.