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Lots of great features, enhancements and bugfixes!
Here are the most important ones:

* Added a changelog
* [Consumer Download\\HTTP] Added error check for rename operation
* [Consumer Analysis\\PHPLoc] Parse output directly without writing a xml file to disk
* [Consumer Analysis\\CVSAnaly] Moved cvsanaly settings to seperate config file
* [Consumer] Centralized context generation for logging
* [Consumer Analysis\\CVSAnaly] Set writable path
* Added (useful) information to composer.json about the project
* [Consumer] Adjusted all consumer to use the new symfony/process component
* Added symfony/process component and created a ProcessFactory
* Updated monolog from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 and updated various dependencies
* Removed sudo-usage of system calls
* Changes auto_delete default option for queues to false
* [Logging] No new line after every log entry. One line per log entry
* [Consumer] Adjusted all consumer to use the new structure of DLX
* [Consumer] Added a method to reject a message and reworked consumer to reject messages
* [Consumer / Producer] Added support for dead lettering of RabbitMQ and reworked setup of queues and exchanges
* [Consumer Analysis\\GithubLinguist] Fixed fatal error during logging
* Added a bunch of comments with message formats to every consumer
* Added class comments to all Commands
* [Producer ReviewTYPO3OrgCommand] Removed, because this is obsolete
* [Consumer Download\\HTTP] Removed TYPO3 dependency in file name
* Added File object
* [Consumer Download\\HTTP] Replaced wget download with a curl download
* Add missing methods to ConsumerInterface
* Set product under MIT License
* Added PHP >= 5.4 as requirement
* Refactored the AMQPConnection and AMQPMessage into a factory
* Added PSR-2 as coding guideline standard
* Added first unit tests for several components
* Integrated Travis-CI as continuous integration environment
* Integrated Versioneye for dependency checks
* Integrated scrutinizer-ci for code quality analysis
* [Consumer Crawler\\Gerrit] Add message acknowledgement if no projects are available

* [The story about the topic of my bachelor thesis](http://andygrunwald.blogspot.de/2014/03/the-story-about-topic-of-my-bachelor.html) (March 21, 2014)
* [TYPO3-Analytics is looking for a new name - suggestions welcome!](http://andygrunwald.blogspot.de/2014/03/typo3-analytics-is-looking-for-new-name.html) (March 03, 2014)