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== git
* Restricted tasks to roles. [mbailey]
* Extend capistrano_extensions.rb to allow install from git sources. [jasherai]
* Updated git to [thornysun]
== 1.99.27 (August 27, 2008)
* Bugfix: Add configure and make options to src_package for rubygems to
override defaults. [jasherai]
* Change: We now setup postfix as a satellite mail server. This is designed
to listen only on the local network interface and non-local mail to a relay
host. [mbailey]
== 1.99.26 (August 22, 2008)
* added vnstat recipes - measure and report traffic on interface counters [mbailey]
* upgrade ruby to 1.8.6-p287 [Isaac Kearse]
* upgrade to rubygems 1.2.0 - addresses memory utilization issues on
low-memory boxes (half-gig or less) [thewoolleyman]
* deprec:rails:install_stack now installs mysql [mbailey]
* turned tcp_nopush back on [mbailey]
* Correctly handle tarballs with .tgz extension [mbailey]
* Generate default remote config on install [mbailey]
== 1.99.24 (July 7, 2008)
* I've rejigged things to make it easier to install a service without having
a local config directory. For example:
cap deprec:nginx:install HOSTS=
This will download and compile nginx, and push out a config file without
generating a local copy. You don't need a config/ dir and you don't need
to have defined a :web role.
Meta-tasks (like deprec:rails:install_stack) can now pass a block of commands
to with_roles(roles).
config_gen and config are still available but it's now possible to install
a rails stack without generating any local files.
== 1.99.21 (June 17, 2008)
* added recipes and config templates for ar_sendmail
* added gitosis support
* added deprec:xen:migrate for "manually" moving slice between hosts
== 1.99.20 (June 3, 2008)
* added git support: install git, manage ssh users and create remote repositories
== 1.99.19 (June 3, 2008)
* feature: added logrotate. configs generated for nginx and mongrel
* bugfix: monit:install was calling monit:activate but this won't work will monit:config is called.
== 1.99.18 (May 28, 2008)
* bugfix: nagios config option was not being set till after required
== 1.99.17 (May 22, 2008)
* monit config for mongrel now lives under config/mongrel instead of config/monit
This way, monit configs for services can live with the recipes/templates for that service.
== 1.99.16 (May 5, 2008)
* change: start mongrel using mongrel_cluster with --clean option so mongrel
will start even when there are stale pids around.
* bugfix: nginx vhost template now uses :mongrel_port instead of 8000
== 1.99.15 (Mar 27, 2008)
* moved vmbuilder_plugins out of deprec dir
== 1.99.14 (Feb 21, 2008)
* monit template now uses :mongrel_port instead of 8000
== 1.99.11 (Feb 21, 2008)
* enabled evented mongrel
* enhancement: updated how allowed hosts are generated
* bugfix: remove nginx index.html
== 1.99.8 (Feb 18, 2008)
* enhancement: added nginx_client_max_body_size setting for nginx rails vhost
* bugfix: monit config was broken
== 1.99.7 (Feb 18, 2008)
* enhancement: nginx vhost config now serves up
* enhancement: deprec:db:schema_load is nicer than running migration initially
== 1.99.6 (Feb 15, 2008)
* bugfix: fixed monit support [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: Mongrel wasn't starting when server rebooted. [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: Fixed .caprc content [Mike Bailey]
== 1.99.5 (Feb 12, 2008)
* feature: installs and configures monit to manage your mongrel processes [Mike Bailey]
* feature: When running config_gen, if deprec discovers a file exists, checks
whether the new file differs from the existing one. If they're
identical, it skips it.
If they differ, the user is presented with the options to overwrite
or not but now there's an extra option to view a diff of the changes
that would occur. [Mike Bailey]
* change: handle_command_with_input now accepts an optional response parameter.
This is useful if you need to change a password on many servers and
don't want to have to keep entering the password at the prompt for
each box. [Mike Bailey]
== 1.99.4 (Feb 11, 2008)
* Bugfix: set correct path to templates [Mike Bailey]
deprec changelog (check the timeline at
== 1.10.0
Massive changes in preparation for 2.0
== 1.8.0
* fixed scm_setup. it parses :repository if set and prompts user for values if not [Mike Bailey]
* added "role :scm, domain" to generated deploy.rb [Mike Bailey]
* added :trac_install, :trac_setup, :trac_start, :trac_stop [Mike Bailey]
* added :change_root_password and :change_root_password_as_root [Mike Bailey]
* moved templates dir [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix :db_setup now re-runnable
== 1.7.1
* bugfix: setup_ssh_keys() - print message and exit if ssh_options[:keys] not set [Mike Bailey]
== 1.7.0
* new tasks :install_memcached, :memcached_start, :memcached_stop, :memcached_restart [Mike Bailey]
* set default shell to '/bin/bash' for new users [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: set default values for mongrel_user and mongrel_group [Mike Bailey]
== 1.6.0
* new task :install_php installs php-5.2.2 [Mike Bailey]
== 1.5.1
* bugfix: fixed bug in su_put that was causing Windows [Mike Bailey]
== 1.5.0
* bugfix: :set_perms_for_mongrel_dirs [Mike Bailey]
- now don't fail if log files do not exist (e.g initial deployment)
- is called by :after_symlink task instead of :after_update
this is because some tasks call :update_code without calling the
:update task but in all of these cases :symlink is called
* updated version from 1.4.x to 1.5.x due to pretty big change made
in previous version (mongrel no longer running as root) [Mike Bailey]
== 1.4.2
* change: mongrel no longer runs as root for security reasons [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: install apache version 2.2.4 as previous version is no longer on their webserver [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: fixed install_rubygems so install_rails_stack no longer fails when first run [Mike Bailey]
== 1.4.0
* renamed svn commands and made svn_create_repos re-runable [Mike Bailey]
* bugfix: Wildcard Apache NameVirtualHosts directive used be used just once [Mike Bailey]
== 1.3.1
* bugfix
== 1.3.0
* added md5sum checking to deprec.download_src [Mike Bailey]
* new function: deprec.mkdir(path, mode=0755, group=nil, user=nil) [Mike Bailey]
* start apache and mongrel on server boot [Mike Bailey]
* removed deprec_dotfiles script as the Cap code it patches is now in Capistrano source. [Mike Bailey]
* changed from LGPG to GPL licence. [Mike Bailey]
== 1.2.2
* Added enable_multiverse(), disable_multiverse() tasks for ubuntu package management [Mike Bailey]
* Removed termios as a gem requirement as it doesn't work on Windows [Mike Bailey]
== 1.2.1
* Updated railsmachine code to include SSL fix from new release [Mike Bailey]
== 1.2.0
* Added run_with_input and sudo_with_input for interactive tasks. [topfunky]
* Added sudo_stream for piping the output of a privileged command like the built-in stream() [topfunky]
* svn_cache_credentials task does an interactive svn list to make http-based repository deployments easier. [topfunky]
* Alternate deprec/recipes/cache_svn task overrides the built-in update_code task with a more efficient version. [topfunky]