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== Installation and initial setup for deprec2

Install deprec with the following command (requires ruby and rubygems installed)

	sudo gem install deprec

Let's create a directory to manage all our host config details 
This supports as many hosts as you need to manage and will be the dir
you run your deprec commands from when managing the servers. Note that
you don't need to do this if you just want to deploy a single Ruby on 
Rails application. In this case the config/ dir in your project can
serve the same purpose. For those who aren't interested in Ruby on Rails
or want to use deprec for more than just deploying one rails app, the 
following may come in handy.

	mkdir -p sys/config		  # change 'sys' to whatever you want
	cd sys					  # 
	depify .				  # create Capfile and config/deploy.rb
	cap deprec:ssh:config_gen # generates ssh server configs

If you have an authorized_keys file, copy it to a location where deprec
can find it. Deprec will then offer to copy it out to remote hosts when
you setup new accounts for yourself. If you don't have authorized_keys,
copy out your id_rsa.pub or id_dsa.pub.

You can also put the authorized_keys of colleagues in this dir and deprec
will offer to copy them out when creating accounts for them too.

We name these files using the username of their owner.

	cp ~/.ssh/authorized_keys config/ssh/authorized_keys/${USER}

Define an environment variable for the server we'll be working on

	export HOSTS=<your.slice.address>

Change the root password you received for your new slice.

	cap deprec:users:passwd USER=root

		Enter user to change password for  |root|
		Enter new UNIX password: 
		Retype new UNIX password: 

Create an account with sudo access for mysql^H^Hself

	cap deprec:users:add USER=root 

		Enter userid for new user  |root|
		Should this be an admin account?  |no|
		I've found an authorized_keys file for mbailey. Should I copy it out?  |yes|
		Setting pasword for new account
		Enter new UNIX password: 
		Retype new UNIX password: 

Create another account without sudo access for a colleague.
Notice how I longer need to specify USER=root? That's because I'm using the 
account I just created.

	cap deprec:users:add

		Enter userid for new user  |mbailey|
		Should this be an admin account?  |no|
		Setting pasword for new account
		Enter new UNIX password: 
		Retype new UNIX password: 
I prefer to disallow ssh password based login for security reasons. I also 
turn off DNS lookups by sshd as they are often responsible for a 2 second 
lag on login. Be warned that turning off ssh passwords will prevent someone 
without an ssh key setup from logging in so use this with caution. Deprec 
makes it painless to upload their key when you create their account though 
so you've got no excuse to leave passwords turned on.

You can upload the ssh configs currently residing in config/ssh/etc/ssh by 
running this:

	cap deprec:ssh:config

You can now continue to the other READMEs