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Andy Henson’s Dotfiles

These are my dotfiles to set up my system the way I like it.


	git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
	cd ~/.dotfiles
	rake install

Then edit to suit your needs.

Note that I use Mac OS X and bash


Create this script in your path somewhere (mine is in /usr/local/bin)

       echo "Usage: $(basename $0) <gem>" 1>&2
       exit 1
  [ -z "$GEM" ] && usage
  mate "$(gem environment gemdir)/gems/$GEM"

Then make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mategem


The growlnotify command line tool needs to be installed and the ZenTest, autotest-growl and autotest-fsevent gems.


  • Prompts showing current branch if directory is a git repository
  • Tab completion for git commands, branches, etc
  • Aliases for common git commands and rails (plus a few terminal shortcuts)
  • mategem for completing and opening gems in TextMate
  • authme command for adding servers to authorized_keys list
  • autospec/autotest growl notifications
  • hirb is enabled for Rails console sessions
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