A simple jQuery plugin to add example text to input elements
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Simple jQuery plugin for adding example text

This is a super simple plugin which just makes it easy to add some example
text to an (input) element and control the colour of it via css.


Just include the plugin .js file ensure you have a suitable element, .e.g an input field

<input id="firstname"></input>

Then in your js, just call



The default and available options are:

example_text: – The example text you want to appear; default is “Please enter a value”
example_text_colour: – The colour of the example text, any valid css colour value; default is #b2adad
normal_text_colour: – The colour of the normal text, any valid css colour valuel default is #000

If you want to change them on a project basis ,you can change them via:

$.fn.example_text.defaults.example_text = 'Make it say this';

Note you don’t have to do this inside a “ready” block.

Alternatively you can alter it on a per-item basis, e.g.

$("#firstname").example_text({example_text: 'Make it say this'});